You say Paras, we hear Communities. The 'Community Guy' has always been at the centre of the community ecosystem guiding numerous startups and communities alike. Though he is busy walking and talking in communities, he has always pushed us to do better in our venture. If there's a godfather for BChainDynamics, that's got to be Paras without any doubt. With over 5 years of experience in community management, he has helped/advised multiple brands + individual communities. He is the founder of the largest community of ~600 community builders in India called ‘Community Folks’ and the blogger at 50k+ page on Instagram called Wisdom Baba. In the past, he has lead community chapters of the Bangalore region for brands like Facebook, Trello, LinkedIn Local, etc. As a Program Manager at Microsoft Reactor Bangalore , he has been able to grow the community to 5k developers strong. He has been TEDx speaker and also received the global award for Community Professional of the Year 2020. As a person, he loves backpacking, hosting house parties, listening to D&B + underground music, and endlessly talk about life & karma.



A blockchain developer who's never shy of dreaming. Founder of BChain Dynamics. I've always been a passionate community person with a strong belief in communities. Trumpeting 'Learn and let learn' since forever. Cherishing the process more than the result.

Nikhil Jha


A Data Scientist by profession and a real estate lover, responsible for overlooking the business end of the community. Also Ex Organizer of GDG Bangalore, a core member of communities which include TFUG, WiMLDS and GDG Mysore.

Sankalp saxena


Co-Founder of BChain Dynamics. A Java Developer and DevOps Engineer at heart. If you compete with me better be prepared to lose. Charming people with my guitar skills since the age of 11. If there is a song on this planet, I can freaking play it.

Dibyo majumder


I build Defi with Tezos for a living. Basically, I am changing the way your children and grandchildren will understand and spend money. Pretty cool! I was an Ex DSC Lead for RNSIT where I have empowered many students through my work, helping them fulfil their dreams.

Supratim Kar

Program Manager at विVIDH

A coder at heart. I consume knowledge on tech for breakfast. I work diligently to organize and execute all our events with perfection. Love working with communities. Football is my mojo!

Sanjana pai

Creative Head

An engineer by profession, an art aficionado by heart. 'Know me by my work' is the mantra. Writing cool content for this team and handling social media accounts. Finishing a novel in one sitting is my kind of 'success'.

Shubham Sinha

Design Head

A full stack web developer by occupation, I have found my true calling as a graphics designer. All these amazing posters that you see in this community are my creations. In leisure, I love reading thriller novels.

b Manish

Head of Operations at विVIDH

I Head the Operations of विVIDH & manage the Bchain Dynamics website as well. A Cloud Enthusiast working as Cloud Support Associate at AWS. I love to cook food, play pranks & will hop anytime for a trek!


Samhitha Narasipura

Core Team Member

"Currently, I'm an uninhibited college student who loves to write articles on the matters that I'm really passionate about. Writing is my second nature.
I identify myself most with my favourite mathematical equation!
" e^(π*i) = -1 "


Abhiuday Ojha

Core Team Member

A web & app developer still searching for my true interest. I am at my best when I travel. I may be coding or sleeping or cooking right now. Music is the secret of my energy. Life for me is, as Leonard Cohen says, "There is a crack in everything and that's how the light gets in."

Syed Inayath

Core Team Member

An engineer by trade, an entrepreneur at heart. I brew content and handle social media. I'm more into bringing up new ideas than programming them myself. Can talk about football all day long! Life’s too short to learn from your own mistakes, so learn from others'.

Anant Dubey

Core Team Member

Passionate wildlife photographer and an engineer in the making. Finding my way out of thick deadlines is my speciality.
A data science enthusiast, and a pioneer fan of Formula 1 since the early days.
Always looking onward and ahead. Carpediem!